Best Paper Award for Kent Business School’s Radu Tunaru and Yale co-authors

The European Financial Management (EFM) Award for Scholarship in Financial Research recognises the researchers who, through their articles published in the EMF, have most contributed to our understanding of an important area of financial management.

The winners of the EFM Best Paper Award are selected by a vote of the EFM Editorial Board; John Doukas; Julian Franks; Pekka Hietala; Michael C. Jensen; Larry Lang and Colin Mayer – the Journal of European Financial Management Association and share the $1,000 cash prize.

Radu Tunaru, Professor of Quantitative Finance at Kent Business School, along with his co-authors; Professor Frank Fabozzi and Robert Shiller (both Yale School of Management) are joint winners of the EFM 2010 Best Paper Award.

Their Paper entitled “Property Derivatives for Managing European Real-Estate Risk” published in the EFM Journal, (Volume 16, 1, January 2010) has won the Best Paper Award for 2010.

Please join Kent Business School and the University of Kent in congratulating Professor Radu Tunaru, and his joint co-authors Frank Fabozzi and Robert Shiller for their outstanding research accomplishment.

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