Increasingly, employers are using digital interviews instead of telephone and personal interviews, as these can be more cost-effective and time-saving. Like with any other interview, recruiters will want to look for three things:

  • Do you fit the organisation? (testing your motivation and checking that you have researched the organisation)
  • Do you have the right set of skills, experience, knowledge? (are you matching their requirements – always refer to job specification; mostly competency based and/or strengths-based questions)
  • Do you really want to work in this field/industry? (checking that you’ve done your homework and that you are clear about what’s involved)

The YouTube video below (just under 2 minutes) is aimed at recruiters, but helps to provide a useful first insight, as this is the platform many employers use.

Tips for succeeding with video interviews

  1. Technical considerations
    1. Internet connection: Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection, as this can affect the quality of the sound and video.
    2. Webcam: You’ll need a webcam; position this well – ideally to show your whole upper body; place it a little higher than your forehead, pointing towards your face. Make sure that you’re smartly dressed as you would for any interview (this will also make you more confident). If you ensure that you’re fully smartly dressed, then you won’t have any unexpected mishaps.
    3. Microphone: Check that the microphone is working properly and sound levels work satisfactorily.
    4. Charge: Ensure that your laptop is plugged in or fully charged to avoid being disconnected. Have your mobile fully charged alongside as well.
  2. Looking good: Consider the lighting in the room you intend to use, and Aim to light yourself from the front, not behind you. A lamp placed strategically behind the computer is ideal.
  3. Eye contact: Just like in a face-to-face interview, make eye contact with the webcam. Why not place a small post-it note next to the webcam it to remind you about eye contact and to smile now and again. Avoid gazing down onto your keyboard.
  4. Tidy up: Check your background – is it tidy? A messy background or subversive posters may not reflect well on you. Bland backgrounds are best. Also avoid colours that clash strongly with your clothes.
  5. Avoid disturbances: Put a note on your door to stop other people from interrupting you and ensure that you have some quiet. Let other people know that you have an interview, so that there won’t be any disturbing loud music or laughter in the background.
  6. Practise questions: Some platforms will allow you to practise and play back how you look and sound. Make use of this and take your time. Also, observe your background and check what’s visible or not.
  7. Prepare: The same preparation is needed for your video interview as for a face-to-face interview. Click here for tips about how to prepare and manage commercial awareness questions to help you to stand out.


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