your career

As a KBS final year student, you have a number of options:

  • employment (more information about getting a job and how to get started below)
  • self-employment (starting your own business)
  • postgraduate study (initially for a master’s, then possible PhD or after some years’ professional experience an MBA)
  • travel or gap year (some programmes are included in the work experience abroad tab)
  • wait and see (you can leave your fate to chance, but the later you leave any decision-making, the more challenging and time-consuming it may become to enter your chosen career)

The information below is about finding a job. Information about starting your own business, postgraduate study and gap year is provided elsewhere on this blog

Additional Information: Covid-19

Appointments with Gemma Witts and Nicola Urquhart (Lecturers in Careers and Employability) are available during this difficult time. Appointments are also available with the central Careers and Employability Service. Please do arrange an appointment for one to one support. See our additional support: Covid-19 page

1) Graduate recruitment schemesTop 100 Employers

These are advertised typically from around August/September for next year’s autumn start. Deadlines are early, often before the end of December. Some of the top 100 employers state that they recruit all year round, but may close their intake when they have recruited their target numbers.

The application process is very time consuming and typically as follows:

  • online application form
  • psychometric test (numeric reasoning, verbal reasoning, logic tests and/or personality assessments)
  • first interview or digital interview
  • assessment centre (typically lasting a day)
  • interview in person

There are relatively few schemes available and High Fliers (2020) report that there were just over 21,000 graduate training schemes for the 2018/19 recruitment round, which is why the market is highly competitive. KBS students have a seriously good chance to compete for those jobs, but preparation and becoming well-informed about these processes is essential.

2) Graduate level jobs with immediate start dates

There are many other jobs available with smaller organisations and unemployment for KBS students is below the national average and below the University of Kent’s unemployment rates. These are advertised all year round by major careers publishers, on this blog and by the university’s Careers and Employability Service (via Target Connect). Often, these are with smaller organisations that recruit small numbers, sometimes only one graduate and training is on the job, but they are also with major global employers who need to recruit additional staff.

3) Networking (suitable for all students)

The huge majority of jobs come about through networking, usually through personal contacts, past work experience or placements or through family connections. Networking by word of mouth and social media can be highly effective, and there are useful tips and information available on this blog (tab: Jobs & Internships).

What role will suit me?


If you are not sure what kind of role might suit you after your degree and what you might want to apply for, then go to the section on this blog called

What role will suit me?  This can help you identify your next steps.