In the main, HR professionals are responsible for recruiting, training and paying employees, and they also deal with legal aspects and incentives. HR reaches into all aspects of any business or organisations. Typically, larger employers have graduate and internship schemes directly into the HR function. Smaller organisations tend to outsource their recruitment and training. To get in, like with any other career, being clear about what’s involved is crucial and use the resources below.Consider initial job-shadowing, networking via LinkedIn or other social media and attending CIPD events to become a well-informed applicant. To find out more about the different roles and what’s involved in a career in HR, use the key resources below.
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CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) This is the professional body for HR work and a great starting point for exploring different careers within Human Resources. Click here to access their dedicated careers web pages for students.

Resources and profiles

Day in the Life of …. HR (Total Jobs) – find out what a typical day looks like for this Managing Director at an HR and Business Solutions consultancy –  with tips for anyone interested in a career in HR.

Job vacancies

Jobs in HR can be found in the private sector (mostly larger organisations, e.g. Unilever, Shell etc.), in the public sector (e.g. local government, the National Health Service – i.e. hospital trusts, universities, the BBC, etc.) and in the not-for-profit sector (sometimes called the Third Sector, e.g. large charities like Oxfam, WHO, United Nations, etc.). Graduate entry-level jobs for HR positions are advertised via graduate job boards. A list with suggestions is provided in this blog. Click here for details of HR jobs for graduates. If you are an international student, then you might also find the information about sponsorship for international students of use. Click here for international student information. Below is a list with further suggestions from Dr. Maddy Wyatt, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at KBS: