The finance sector comprises three key employment areas: Accountancy and Financial Management; Banking and Investment; Financial Services and Risk Management. There is much overlap within these areas, as many employers offer a wide range of services. This section is about

Risk Management is about forecasting and evaluating financial risks and evaluating and implementing procedures for minimising the impact. “Risk management is the systematic process of understanding, evaluating and addressing these risks to maximise the chances of objectives being achieved and ensuring organisations, individuals and communities are sustainable.” (IRM)

Career Insights

Professional bodies

  • The Chartered Insurance Institute

is a world-leading professional organisation for insurance and financial services. It has over 115,000 members and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of technical competence and ethical conduct. Careers information about careers in insurance is available to members only, but the general sites at the top of this page provide useful insights. Website:

  • The Institute of Risk Management (IRM)

“Risk is part of life. Avoiding all risk would result in no achievement, no progress and no reward. IRM defines risk as ‘The combination of the probability of an event and its consequence. Consequences can range from positive to negative.’ As our world becomes increasingly volatile and unpredictable, we must cope with greater uncertainty.” IRM’s website:

Useful resources

  • The Gateway

This is an online edition of The Gateway, a student newspaper in the style of the Financial Times with information about careers in finance, banking and accountancy. Click here for The Gateway Online.

  • Financial Services Authority (FSA)

The FSA is the regulator of all providers of financial services in the UK, whereas the Bank of England retains responsibility for systemic risk. The FSA is also a popular employer with graduates, and vacancies are posted on their website. Go

  • Career profile videos

The A-Z Other Careers tab in this blog includes links to some excellent sites providing careers profile videos and insights from other graduates who are working in that field. You can search these by sector and job title, and there is also additional information relating to that career field, such as salary information, employers, geographical information and more.