There are three main career areas within the finance sector, 1) Accountancy and Financial Management, 2) Banking and Investment, and 3) Financial Services and Risk Management. This section covers Banking and Investment.

This is a huge global industry, especially, with London sitting in the centre between America and Asia. Clients tend to be large corporations, wealthy individuals and institutions.

Investment banking (IB) roles tend to be split into front office (making investment decisions and trading), middle office (advising and monitoring the front office) and back office (providing research and information for staff).

Most jobs in IB (with exception of computer programming) tend to be advertised to students with any degree, as long as they can prove numeric ability and strong motivation to succeed. In addition to comprehensive insights into the different roles, you will also find advertised roles for graduates and work experience/internships through these publishers. You will need to be really well-informed in order to compete well for a role in IB.

On this page

  1. Professional Body – CFA Institute
  2. City Careers Series – specialist careers information and insights (not all free of charge)
  3. Careers insights and key graduate job sites (free service to students and graduates
  4. Morgan Stanley – recommended reading
  5. Additional information and resources for job hunting
  6. CV tips for investment banking
  7. Information for students with disabilities or long-term health conditions

1. CFA Institute – professional qualifications

One of the key professional bodies for this career field is the CFA Institute and most employers sponsor professional membership and training. It’s website states that they are the  ‘…premier global association for investment management professionals’. It’s mission statement is ‘to lead the investment profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society’. They offer courses, training events and career resources.  Website:


2. City Career Series

This site offers a comprehensive range of resources directly relevant to the recruitment process for a wide variety of City careers. There are many videos and topics to help you research this sector in depth and become a well-informed applicant.

To access, click here.

3. Career insights & key graduate job sites

The following sites give comprehensive insights into the different career areas in this field, salary information, training and development, key skills required, as well as advertised jobs and work experience/internships/placements.



4. Recommended reading by Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley have an infogram – The Big Picture – a quick guide to Investment Banking, which sets out an overview of investment banking. Click here to access.

There’s much application advice, a jargon buster and more –  click here.

The Directions Online career service is a one stop shop for learning about the financial sector, and it is run by the Financial & Legal Skills Partnership (FLSP), offering everything you need to start planning a career in the financial services sector, comprising: Accountancy, Banking, Finance, Financial Planning, Insurance, Investments, Pensions and Legal. Go to or click on image.


5. Additional resources for job hunting



The Gateway

This is an online edition of The Gateway, a student newspaper in the style of the Financial Times with information about careers in finance, banking and accountancy. Click on image or here for The Gateway Online.



City am

This is a free paper distributed weekly around London. There’s a free app and information about up-to-date developments in the City and in the banking sector. Click on image or here to access: CityAM.

City AM


Career profile videos

The A-Z Other Careers tab in this blog includes links to some excellent sites providing careers profile videos and insights from other graduates who are working in that field. You can search these by sector and job title, and there is also additional information relating to that career field, such as salary information, employers, geographical information and more.

6. CV tips for investment banking

Click here for some helpful information from eFinancialCareers about what you need to do to ensure that your CV is targeted to investment banking. A one-page format is usually recommended. In addition, there is an example CV with annotations offered by TargetJobs for a final year investment banking CV – click here to access.

7. Information for students with disabilities or long-term health conditions

Access to banking: Investment banking careers event for students with disabilities and long-term health conditions. The next event is scheduled for September 2018.

Investing in talent: Next event on 19 October 2018. 

If you are an ambitious undergraduate with a disability or long term health condition who wants to pursue exciting career opportunities in banking, Investing in Talent hosted by UBS on the 19th of October, is the event for you. Meet global employers like Citi, Morgan Stanley, Barclays and J.P.Morgan and gain a real insight into investment banking; join interactive skills sessions led by recruiters on managing a disability and get tips on performing your best in the recruitment process.

Develop your skills and knowledge, expand your professional network and realise new possibilities in investment banking today! Please fill in the form to register your interest.

Getting investment banking:

Getting Investment Banking

“Getting investment banking is a uniquely interactive event designed to provide undergraduates with disabilities and long-term health conditions an insight into the true nature of the opportunities available within investment banking and the support that can be an annual event.” Typically, this event is aimed at first and second year students. Unfortunately, there will be no event in 2018, but do check for future dates.