June Consultancy Newsletter

Author: Don Leslie (www.donleslie.uk)

Resources for students interested in strategy and management consultancy careers

Here’s my roundup of news in the consulting industry. As always, no jobs are featured. But if you’ve read my articles or heard me speak about getting hired by a consultancy, you’ll find plenty of ideas here to help.

McKinsey recruiting tool  –  French and German consultancy markets expanding significantly  –  best firms for women  –  US firms invade Europe  –  Europe counterattacks  –  EY acquires KPMG in Caribbean  –  Accenture’s hiring plans for India  –  consultancy behemoth moves into engineering and product development  –  consultancy v. advertising agencies: who’s winning?  –  big in Japan

Recent surveys which have crossed my desk: best UK consulting firms for Women https://www.wherewomenwork.com/Career/1644/2019-TheTimes-Top-Employers-for-Women Top firms in Brazil; https://www.consultancy.lat/news/950/top-consulting-firms-in-brazil-for-restructuring-and-turnaround  and the leading consultancies in Japan https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/03/linkedin-top-companies-to-work-for-in-japan-2019-flipkart-amazon-oyo.html


Country reports: Source Global Research has produced reports on the German-speaking consultancy markets http://news.top-consultant.com//DACH-companies-turn-to-consultants-to-help-staff-deal-with-digitisation- 19748.html?utm_source=UK%2Bnewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=UKnewsletter160519


and the sector in France http://news.top-consultant.com//France-s-consulting-market-approaches-5bn-landmark-19750.html


North American firms moving to Europe: Canadian digital consultancy Rangle opens an office in Amsterdam https://rangle.io/blog/toronto-based-rangle-establishes-amsterdam-office/

US performance improvers Aarete set up in London with plans to be 70-strong by 2022


Finally, business advisory firm Ankura (Washington DC) is moving its EMEA and APAC HQs to Bishopsgate in London https://www.consultancy.uk/news/21324/ankura-relocates-london-office-to-boost-growth

And crossing the Atlantic in the other direction is Germany’s Comatch, a successful independent consultancy network, https://www.comatch.com/en/

Caribbean coup: EY has acquired a number of offices in the Dutch Caribbean from KPMG


but on the other side of the globe KPMG Australia has bought a digital agency http://www.adnews.com.au/news/kpmg-australia-has-bought-pioneering-digital-business-love-agency

and a law firm https://home.kpmg/au/en/home/media/press-releases/2019/05/plexus-and-kpmg-join-forces-to-create-the-future-of-law-10-may-2019.html

A new Head often means new hires: Bain has appointed a new Partner to run its Asia Pacific financial services consultancy services from Hong Kong https://www.asiainsurancereview.com/News/View-NewsLetter-Article/id/46642/Type/iMove/Bain-Company-s-global-head-of-insurance-Dr-Henrik-Naujoks-appointed-regional-head-of-Asia-Pacific-financial-services

A senior Managing Director of Accenture in India (where 160,000 of the global firm’s professionals are based), Rekha Menon, talks about the profile of future Accenture hires in the country https://www.livemint.com/companies/news/tech-creating-need-for-new-skills-says-accenture-s-menon-1556477773747.html  And Source Research offers some insights into Accenture’s new venture in product development, design and prototyping.  https://www.sourceglobalresearch.com/accenture-continuing-to-stretch-the-meaning-of-consulting/

McKinsey is using a new digital assessment gaming tool in recruitment


In the February 2018 newsletter http://www.donleslie.uk/whats-going-on-in-consultancy-february-newsletter/  I wrote about Kantar Consulting, a brand which the advertising agency giant WPP had launched to fight back against the big consultancies (notably Accenture), who were encroaching on its territory. WPP has now announced it is to ‘retire’ Kantar Consulting. https://www.consultancy.uk/news/21095/kantar-retires-its-brands-to-operate-under-single-name

Success story: as I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, the announcement of a consultancy opening  or expanding an office will mean new jobs. A reader of a 2018 piece about the “Northern Powerhouse” boost to consultancies in the north west of England tells me she’s landed two offers from firms whom she approached directly, without applying for any advertised jobs. Now her problem is – which one to take…

I’ll be delivering a webinar to the online MBA cohort of Aberdeen Business School about careers in strategy and management consultancy for postgraduates, later this month. I’m also providing ad hoc coaching to students juggling final exams with job hunting.