Lectures on Inductive Logic: errata

Here are some errata for my book Lectures on inductive logic, Oxford University Press, 2017. I’d be very grateful if you could let me know of any other mistakes or typos.

p.8. line 2 from bottom should begin “it has”.

p.26. The formula in definition 2.15 should begin “d_n(P,Q)”.

p.97. The proof of Theorem 5.16 goes through only in the case in which the evidence set is finitely generated. For a proof that applies even where the evidence set is not finitely generated, see Landes, Rad & Williamson (2022): Determining maximal entropy functions for objective Bayesian inductive logic, in press.

p.129. The statement on line 1 does not hold for all theta, but does hold for the instances of theta provided subsequently.