You read, we buy! 14,500 extra Oxford Scholarship Online e-books available until June 2018

Until 30 June 2018, you have access to over 14,500 extra e-books from Oxford Scholarship Online. 

Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) is a vast and growing e-book research library. It offers full-text access to academic monographs from key disciplines in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, medicine, and law.

You can:

  • access high quality scholarly content
  • see abstracts at book and chapter level for all titles
  • download chapters to PDF, so you can research on-the-go
  • get access to the latest titles as soon as they are published
  • share titles, chapters, abstracts, and search results using social bookmarking tools and citation export

They are available to all Kent students and staff. At the end of this period, we will buy the books that you used the most and they will become a permanent part of the Library’s collection of e-books.

Access the e-books through LibrarySearch

These books are all in LibrarySearch – just do your normal search for a topic. Once you get your results:

  1. in the Eresources menu on the right-hand side find “Source type” and use the Books filter (you may need to click More to show all source types)
  2. all of these e-books should display with a blue background
  3. you can limit your search to show those from Oxford Scholarship Online by selecting Oxford University Press under Publisher (you may need to click More to show all publishers)
  4. if you want to access a book click the View Online button
  5. click the Find … from Oxford Scholarship Online link to access the title.

See what’s available

You can also search or browse by subject collection directly through Oxford Scholarship Online (via the Kent link in our A-Z of e-resources).

A new way of buying library resources

“You read, we buy” is a new way of buying resources we’ve been trying out. It puts you – our students and staff – in charge of selecting the resources we buy, based on your usage patterns.


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