Writing a thesis and already published?

Find out how to record your publications in KAR and reference them in your thesis

If you are writing a thesis and have published, or are likely to publish soon, you may want to refer to your work in your thesis. The best way to do this is to record your work in KAR and create a link between your thesis and KAR. Follow the steps below to do this.

Create a record in KAR

  • Create a full record for your publication on KAR with the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and links to the publisher’s pages for your work.
  • Each record will have its own URL in KAR which will look a bit like this: https://kar.kent.ac.uk/69412/
  • You should check that an item is not already on KAR before you add it. Use the Browse or Advanced Search function. An entry may have already been made by one of your co-authors or a research administrator.

Add copies of the publications

Where possible, upload a compliant copy of the full-text (pdf) to the KAR record. If that’s not possible, the link to the publisher’s page will allow others to access the work.

How to get help with this

  • You can use our Assisted Deposit Service to send us your journal articles or conference proceedings to upload to KAR for you. We will make the entry in KAR and help you upload the correct version of your work to meet university, funder and publisher requirements.
  • If you use the Assisted Deposit Service you don’t need to worry about publisher requirements or embargos as we do that for you, but if you are curious, you can use this SherpaRomeo service to find out more about journal publisher copyright policies. When the journal information is displayed, pay particular attention to the “Restrictions” and “General Conditions” sections.
  • If you want to make the KAR entry yourself use our KAR guides to help you

Thesis bibliography

Add the KAR URLs to your bibliographic list. This will direct readers of your thesis to the entry in KAR where an Open Access version of your work will be available.

Deposit your thesis via Moodle

When you have completed your thesis do not add your thesis directly to KAR. You must use your school’s thesis deposit point in Moodle. Our Deposit your thesis webpages provide guidance and advice about this

PhD by published works

If you are writing a PhD by published works use our web guidance about Recording a PhD based on published works on KAR

Your school’s web profile

In some schools, post-graduate research students have a profile page where the publications section is fed by KAR. A record in KAR must have your Kent email address in the Creators field for it to display in your profile. If you have records in KAR that are not displaying on your profile, email researchsupport@kent.ac.uk with the Kent email address you wish to be associated with the record and any past Kent email addresses.

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