Why choose Zotero?

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Looking for a reference management tool that delivers above and beyond? Zotero offers a range of clever features, which make referencing your work quick, easy, intuitive and fun.


Zotero is ideal whether you are new to referencing or an experienced researcher. It is:

Simple to set up and use

  • no registration or downloads are required if you use ZoteroBib (the online version of Zotero)
  • you can start referencing straightaway so your first ZoteroBib bibliography can be ready in minutes.

Super-speedy and Kent-friendly

  • references can be downloaded almost instantly via the Zotero Connector browser plug-in, including from LibrarySearch
  • Kent reading lists containing hundreds of references can be imported in seconds.

Clever and customisable

  • Zotero has features such as searchable tags and customisable keyboard shortcuts
  • plug-ins offer additional options for personalisation
  • you can use your iPhone to scan a book’s barcode to import the reference.

Flexible and interactive

  • Zotero offers lots of different ways to work with it including web, desktop and mobile interfaces
  • Your Zotero libraries sync easily between devices.

Communicative and collaborative

  • You can export data easily from Zotero, including via web links
  • You can create groups to share and update Zotero libraries
  • Zotero is supported by an enthusiastic online community.

Other reference management tools are available and each has its particular merits

They are listed and described on our Reference Management webpages

  • Zotero is free (up to 300MB) and works with multiple operating systems, as do RefWorks and Mendeley
  • You can carry on using Zotero when you leave Kent if you register with a personal email address and you don’t have to migrate your content (the same applies to Mendeley, but not RefWorks).
  • ZoteroBib is quick, easy and ideal for short undergraduate assignments but we recommend that you download and register with Zotero, Mendeley or RefWorks for longer pieces of work like dissertations and theses

More information on how Zotero can help you reference your work

ZoteroBib – to get started with your first bibliography

The Zotero website – to discover more about what Zotero can offer or to download Zotero or the Zotero Connector

The new Kent Reference Management webpages – for links to short videos on using Zotero features.

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