Problem accessing Westlaw UK through LibrarySearch

We are experiencing a problem accessing articles, law reports and books on Westlaw UK through LibrarySearch.  Links to Westlaw UK from LibrarySearch are opening a page that asks for login details (as below) rather than taking you directly to the resource.  We are working with Westlaw to resolve this issue but in the meantime please see below a step by step guide to the work around.

Step 1: From the Westlaw login page click on Access New Westlaw UK.

Screenshot of Westlaw login page. Click on Access New Westlaw UK

Step 2: This take you to the page below.  Please Select Sign In.

New Westlaw UK Sign In page. Click Sign In

Step 3:  From the next screen select Access through academic institution.

Screenshot showing how to follow link at the bottom of the page to Access through academic institution

Step 4:  Select University of Kent from the drop down selection on the next page, then click continue.

Step 5:  This will then open Westlaw UK .  You can now search or browse for your article or law report.  If you are looking for a book select Books from the drop down menu at the top left of the page.


If you need any help please contact us.


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