Welcome to the WelcoME service – supporting disabled customers in the Templeman Library

Staff helping student in Library setting

What is WelcoMe?

Are you a disabled person planning to visit the Templeman Library?

  • Do you have concerns or anxieties about how the experience will be?
  • Are you confident that there will be the appropriate level of support when you arrive?
  • Do you want your arrival and support needs to be discrete?

WelcoMe is a disability aware customer service platform that has been designed to support the delivery of services for disabled visitors, and to provide you with the confidence that your needs will be met on arrival at the Templeman Library. You can set up a personal accessibility profile that is shared with the venue, along with an alert that you are coming to the venue so that we can support you in the best way possible during your visit.

How to find and use the app

The app is downloadable at www.wel-co.me/app or on the AppStore or Google Play Store.

  • Just search ‘Welcome by Neatebox
  • Set up your personalised accessibility profile
  • Search ‘venues’ for ‘Templeman Library’
  • You can then let us know when you are visiting.

Find out more about the WelcoMe service.

View Siobhan’s experience of using the WelcoMe app.

Templeman Library accessibility guide.

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