Ways to de-stress and study calmer

Ideas from the Templeman Library

student taking a break while studying

Here is a list of ideas and resources to help you de-stress and study in a calmer, more relaxed way from the Templeman Library. 

Improve your wellbeing – read a book

We have an exciting new ‘Love to read’ Collection in the Templeman Library, housed in the Library Café.  It includes a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction books – because let’s face it, sometimes it’s good to take a break! There are novels, best-selling books, self-help titles and some e-books too.
Explore the wellbeing and self-help book collection – there are resources to help you stay fit and healthy, as well as titles dealing with mental health, personal development, coping with change, mindfulness and lots more…

Make sure you are taking regular breaks and spending time doing things which make you feel good – whether that’s exercising, talking to friends or listening to music. Use our Chill Out Room on D Block, Floor 1 of the Templeman Library to escape for a while. 

Eat well

Here is a great list of the best food to eat when revising and studying from ‘Save the Student’.

The Student Support and Wellbeing pages are full of helpful ideas about how to look after yourself during exam time.

Help and support

If you need support around your mental health and wellbeing. you can access free 24/7 online support through Togetherall – a Care Quality Commission registered service recognised nationally through awards by the NHS. It’s a safe environment overseen by qualified therapists. 

You can also speak to the Wellbeing Team who are always here to help you.

Chat with a Librarian

Need help with your studies? Get in contact with your subject-specific librarian if you would like help with:

  • researching a topic for assignments or your dissertation
  • using a specific library resource
  • referencing sources
  • finding alternatives if the resource is not available digitally

To book an appointment through your subject guide web page.

IT & Library Support 

IT & Library Support are ready to take your queries on resources, software access and technical exam support by email, phone and online chat.

Email: helpdesk@kent.ac.uk
Phone: 01227 824888

Use ‘Chat to us’ on our web pages


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