Using books in the Templeman Library

While we encourage you to use LibrarySearch Digital and use our online library resources whenever possible, you can now access the bookshelves in the Templeman Library and get the books you need yourself.

When you access the bookshelves, please follow these rules to keep yourself and others safe:

  • Wear a mask when moving around the library and when accessing the bookshelves, unless you are exempt
  • Don’t browse the shelves: look up the location of the book through ‘Find it on the Shelf’ on LibrarySearch to minimise handling of books and the time you spend in the stacks
  • Keep your hands clean: wash them before and after handling books or use the sanitisation stations at the Library’s entrances
  • Don’t enter a bookshelf aisle if there’s already another person in it
  • Don’t put books back on the shelf: if you’re using books in the Library without checking them out, put them into the returns machine in the Welcome Hall or into drop-off points across the Library when finished with.


You can now reserve items that are not available on the shelves. You can also make document delivery requests.

How to borrow and return

  • Borrow your books by taking them to any Borrow & Renew machine across the Library.
  • Return them as normal into the returns machine in the Welcome Hall.
  • We’ll quarantine any books that have been borrowed or handled for 72 hours before returning them to the shelf.

4 responses to “Using books in the Templeman Library

  1. Good morning, I want to know if is possible to borrow a book for more than 72 hours.


    Enrico Lorusso

    1. Hi Enrico,
      the loan period depends on the book you’re borrowing: most of our books are 7 day loans, but some higher demand books are 3 day loans.
      But all of our books are automatically renewed unless they’re reserved by someone else. This means you don’t have to return it unless somebody else actively requests it. If that happens you’ll get an email telling you when you need to return it by. If you want to use the book again, you can then reserve it yourself.
      I hope that is useful. If you need more specific advice, please email Best wishes, Angela

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