Teaching staff: your 2019/20 reading lists are ready for you to update

All 2019/20 reading lists have now rolled over and are available for editing and publishing.

Editing your list early gives us the best chance of delivering your teaching and learning resources for 2019/20.

Don’t forget:

  • Make sure you Log In and edit the 2019/20 draft version of the list.
  • Make sure you set the importance for items, as that tells us how many copies we need to buy for students.
  • You need to publish your list even if you haven’t changed anything, to make it visible to students and the Library.

We will review every list you publish. The dates below help you prioritise when to publish your reading lists:

May – July

Your lists will be reviewed. We have the best chance of delivering your resources for the beginning of term and you will be informed if there is anything we are unable to buy. If you rely on DVDs for your module, ordering now gives us the best chance of sourcing them.

August – Welcome Week

Your lists will be reviewed but this is our peak ordering period. Your lists will join a queue and delivery times may be longer.

Week 1 onwards

Your lists will be reviewed but it is unlikely that new or extra resources will be available until later in the term. During the autumn term we will review all lists in the order they arrive, from November ordering for Spring Term lists will take priority over Autumn Term lists.

Help and support:

We have produced some short online videos to help with creating, editing and publishing reading lists.

Need more support? Contact readinglisthelp@kent.ac.uk

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