Teaching staff: request your CLA scans for the Spring Term

CLA scanning service for academic staff

If you’re teaching in the Spring Term, don’t forget to submit your CLA scan requests!

What is the CLA scanning service?

The CLA scanning service makes reading list material such as book chapters and journal articles owned by the university available to students online. The material will be made available digitally in Moodle.

What you need to do

You only need to request new scans. That’s because scans in the most recent version of the module will be carried over automatically.

  • Use Moodle 2020 to request your scan.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for us to process your requests.
  • Submit your requests as soon as possible if you need items for the start of term.
  • Enter the ‘Week required’ on the scan form. That’s the week your students need to read it.

How much you can request

Because of COVID-19, the CLA have increased the limit for copying up to 20% or 2 chapters from each source until 31 July 2021, but there are some conditions attached. The main entitlement (the first 10%/chapter) and the additional entitlement will be treated differently.

Main entitlement

You can request 10% or a chapter (whichever is greater) from each source, per module, for example:

  • a whole chapter from a book
  • a whole article from a magazine/journal issue
  • a whole scene from a play
  • a whole paper from a set of conference proceedings
  • a whole report of a single case from a volume of judicial proceedings
  • a short story, poem or play (not exceeding 10 pages in length) from an anthology

Additional entitlement

You can request a second chapter or an additional 10% (whichever is greater), subject to the following conditions:  

  • no digital edition is available for the Library to buy
  • only books from around 111 participating publishers qualify for the additional entitlement
  • anthologies, plays or poetry are excluded.

Check the CLA webpages for full details.

How to request the additional entitlement

Please submit two separate requests in Moodle and indicate which is the second scan request by entering COVID-19 in the Notes to Librarian’ field.   

The second scan request will only available up until 31 July 2021 and, in accordance with the terms of the CLA licence, will be deleted from Moodle after this date. The scan from your main entitlement (the original 10%) will remain in Moodle.

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