‘Take a Break’ on student PCs

Always save your work before walking away from a student PC you are using.

  • If you’re leaving the PC for good, log off;
  • Any time you walk away from your PC  and plan to return to it (even if just to pick up a print-out), click the Take a Break app on the Desktop. This locks the PC for 20 minutes.

Take a Break:

  • keeps your work and your account secure from others;
  • logs you out after 20 minutes – so save all work in case you’re delayed returning to the PC.

Take a Break will now start automatically on many student PCs on the Canterbury campus if left inactive for 10 minutes. If you don’t log back into the PC within 20 minutes from the start of Take a Break, you will lose any unsaved work.

Take a Break starts automatically in:

  • the Templeman Library (except the bookable group study rooms)
  • Cornwallis Study Hub
  • Darwin Study Hubs 1 and 2
  • Eliot Study Hub
  • Keynes Study Hub
  • Nickle Court
  • Rutherford Study Hubs 2 and 3
  • Tyler Court A
  • exempt are: PC classrooms used for teaching.

Take a Break is there to help you keep your work and IT account secure, and to make sure PCs are freed up for others to use if left for too long.

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