We will aim to keep this page up to date with frequently asked questions that we are being asked in Information Services (IT and Library staff). This page is being maintained in a time when the services provided by us and the University are constantly changing and so we cannot guarantee the accuracy, and we will aim to remove it in the future. Please check University web pages and social media for up to date information.

Creating new teams in and using Microsoft Teams

At this time (19 March 2020), we are focusing on getting Microsoft Teams ready to support teaching. Members of staff can log into Teams, but will not be able to create their own Teams yet. Students will not yet be able to log in. As this service develops and rolls out more widely, we will be sending out communications through our normal channels and Schools.

Bookable spaces in the Templeman Library

To support social distancing, bookable group study spaces (rooms and booths) are not available until further notice. Single-occupancy study carrels are currently still available for booking via https://isbooking.kent.ac.uk.

Borrowing headphones in the Templeman Library

This service has been withdrawn until further notice.

Contacting us if you need more help

You can get in touch with a member of staff directly through these channels: