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With exams just around the corner here are some of the key support services and resources to help you through this busy period.

Accessing resources

Our librarians have been working with your module convenors to make sure that core reading material for exams is available. Check our easy to use guide to make sure that you can find and access all the materials you need.

Subject resource guides are your ‘one stop shop’ for key subject resources to help you access high quality information that will help you get those top marks.

You can access a huge range of high-quality digital resources, such as e-books, e-journals, databases, newspapers, and multimedia though your digital library.

Borrow books essential for your studies and exam preparation from the Templeman Library and the Drill Hall Library. Please remember to return books you no longer need, especially if you’re leaving Kent this year or are going to be away from campus over the summer.

IT and Skills Training

Feel you need some extra support in IT for your exams or dissertation? The Digital Capabilities service is running a Wednesday afternoon drop-in online session during next term to support you. Check out the details.

Also the Student Learning Advisory Service have a range of exam support guides and workshops to help you.

Health and wellbeing

We have a great resource list of books, e-books, films, podcasts of wellbeing, support and self-help titles and tips for helping you through exam stress.

Visit wellbeing web pages for information and activities to help you stay calm, connected and feel prepared to tackle your exams.

Chat with a Librarian

Get in touch with your librarian if you would like help with:

  • using a specific library resource
  • referencing sources
  • finding alternatives if the resource is not available digitally
  • researching a topic for assignments or your dissertation

You can book an appointment through your subject guide web page.

Software and apps

Use Software finder to find free tools and apps that can help make your studies and revision easier.

Study / exam space

To support you in taking your online exams we have a range of study spaces available in the Templeman Library. Book an individual study space (carrel) for your exam. There are also spaces across campus where you can sit your online exams. There are also many spaces in the Drill Hall Library and on Medway campus.

Technical support for exams

The exams guide will give you all you need in terms of what to expect.

If you have any technical problems with the online exam process, for example accessing or logging into Moodle, working with file formats, accessing software or uploading exam papers, contact the IT & Library Support Desk.

We wish all our students the best of exam success in 2023.

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