Choose a study space right for you in the Templeman Library 

Silent, non-silent, group or individual study space - a space for everyone

To support you in your studies, we have a wide range of study spaces in the Templeman Library, including spaces with student PCs and different types of seating so you can choose a space which meets your study needs. You can work in one of our more relaxed spaces, or use a silent space if you prefer not to be disturbed.

Use our Find a PC service to check what’s free or choose a study desk with power to plug in your laptop.  As you go up the building the spaces become silent.

Silent spaces

Silent study on floor 2, A BlockWant an individual silent space with a PC?
Silent study space locations can be found on 

  • Block A, Floors 2 / 3
  • Block D, Floor 3 (including PC Room)

Individual desks all have individual power and a lamp.

Non-silent study spaces

We also provide more relaxed spaces across the Library including study booths, comfortable sofas and chairs on Ground Floor, Floors 1 and 2. You’ll find PC Rooms in D Block Floor 1 and 2 that are non-silent. You can also study in Nexus and the Library Café space on the Ground Floor. Study space pictures showing the range of locations and seating arrangements

Individual study rooms (carrels)

YouStudy carrel can book an individual study room (carrel) in the Library for a day at a time at no charge. These rooms can be booked up to four weeks in advance. Each carrel is lockable and has a desk, power, chair and lamp. Carrels are open to other study spaces and may not be silent.

Need to work in a group? 

Group study roomGroup study boothYou can book a group study room or booth – rooms have a digital screen, have a capacity of 6-8 people and a student PC plus large table and chairs. Booths offer a large table and 2 benches for 6 people.

There are some non-bookable techno-booths around the building with large digital screens that are great for group work too.

Please note  

  • Bring your KentOne card – it’s needed to access the Library, borrow books or print  
  • Set your devices to silent when in silent areas 
  • Hot food can only be eaten in the Library Café
  • Cold food and drinks can be consumed everywhere – please use lidded bottles / cups only
  • Don’t leave your possessions unattended in the Library
  • Use ‘Take a Break’ on a student PC to lock it for 20 minutes if you need a break.
  • Need a height-adjustable desk? View our accessibility guide. 

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