Study and work smarter: find apps and software that can help

  "hammers landscape" by Hannah Chamberlain.

Choosing a trusted tool that’s right for the job

There are apps and software out there that can help you manage your time, take notes, read efficiently and more, but choosing one can be a minefield!

These tools, which you can search or browse, are tried and tested by University staff.

We’ve selected the free or Kent-provided tools that we think will save students and staff time and increase your productivity.

Some of them are on student PCs, some are online tools you can use anywhere, and others you can add to your device.

They can help you with:

  • Accessibility
  • Text to speech and screen reading
  • Voice recognition
  • Reading
  • Time management and focus
  • Writing
  • Collaborative working
  • Images, video and audio
  • Planning, mindmapping, notes and meetings

Share what you use too!

Use a great app that we should share? Recommend it at or visit regularly to see what’s been added.

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