Staff and PGR email move: interruptions and benefits

On 4 – 8 November we’re moving the email service for staff and postgraduate researchers to Office 365.

There will be some disruption to your email:

  • on 28 – 30 October for the preparatory work;
  • and during the week of 4 – 8 November for the actual move of your mailbox.

By the end of the week, your whole mailbox including your online archive will have moved into Office 365.

Once moved, your email will continue to work on your phone/tablet/laptop and online. You won’t notice much difference when using Outlook, OWA or your email client of choice.

Why we’re moving it

The benefits of moving the staff and PGR email service to Office 365 include:

  • more storage allowance in your mailbox
  • ability to work seamlessly between email and other Office 365 applications.
  • access to new software for collaborative working: we’ll be sharing more about the new tools shortly.

Students already use Office 365 email, and so this change will mean that students and staff are on the same email system.

What this means for you

Expect an interruption to your email access on 28 – 30 October and again at some point during the week of 4-8 November. We can’t be more specific about exactly when interruptions to individual mailboxes will happen.

When composing emails, you should regularly ‘Save as draft’. If your access is then interrupted, your latest draft will be in your Drafts folder.

Access to shared calendars and shared mailboxes may be disrupted. Your email address will remain the same.

  • Policies (such as auto-archiving and auto-deletion) won’t be transferred over so you might want to re-do them.
  • Mailbox rules such as routing mail into specific folders will be copied over automatically.

Once your mailbox has moved

If you use Outlook or OWA, you may need to restart or re-sign in. Your access should then resume as normal.

You might need to re-setup email on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Students might be able to see your calendar, so check your calendar visibility settings.

Choose contacts with care: staff and students will be part of a single address list for Kent, so you will need to make sure you select the right recipient when sending email. This will be particularly important if content is sensitive.

If you have any other questions or want help, contact us.

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