Set an auto-reply to tell people your new email

To ask people to start using your new email address as soon as possible, you can set up an automatic reply on your Kent email account.

Students: how to set an auto-reply

  • log into your student email here
  • click Settings (this is a cog icon in the top right of the screen)
  • Choose Automatic replies
  • Give them your new address, and tell them when your old one will stop working.

Staff and Research Postgraduates: how to set an auto-reply

Using OWA

Login to your mail using Outlook Web App using Internet Explorer as your web browser if possible (we had problems when testing with Chrome):

  • Settings icon (the cog icon in the top right)
  • Set automatic replies…

Using Outlook

  • File (in the menu above your Inbox)
  • Automatic Replies


11 responses to “Set an auto-reply to tell people your new email

  1. how do I even find my kentforlife email? To add auto reply

  2. We understand your dismay in the loss of this service, and hope that you will join our online community at

    The Kent community will always be here for you, to help alumni stay in touch with each other and the University. We will keep you up-to-date through our Kent magazine and regular newsletters, and invitations to join Kent staff at events. We value the role that you have played in the shaping of our University and the guidance and support that alumni continue to provide to today’s students.

  3. So sad this is happening. I’m not sure how I can now keep in touch with the university. Shouldn’t have called the service ‘for life’. Expect alumni donations to drop..

  4. HI there,

    While completing formalities just felt the need to say something on the subject…

    I feel there are a number of ways in which this service could have been retained. It could have been monetized by asking Alumni to pay to continue using the service which might seem harsh albeit understandable. Other workarounds could’ve been sought if the University really intended to keep the relationship going. Declining use is dealt with by many email systems through auto-generated warnings of account removal or some such. Kent is a global University after all with thousands of minds on campus to find solutions this could also very easily have been converted to a case study for students willing to take it up as it affects ALL students. I don’t know if other universities offer a similar service but it was definitely useful to some people in retaining a link through various means.

    It was clearly a mistake to call the service ‘for life’.

    Good luck.

  5. Dear John

    Thank you for your comments regarding the closure of Kentforlife. We are extremely sorry that we are having to close the Kentforlife service. When we set up the service 10 years ago, we intended to deliver it for life. However, in recent years there has been a very high demand for us to deliver Office 365 to our staff and students and there is no way to do this and keep the alumni email service running too. Due to the increasingly declining usage of the Kentforlife email service we have made this difficult decision. We appreciate that this may be a significant change for you.

    If you have any questions or need any assistance in moving to a new email provider please don’t hesitate to contact

  6. I have forgot my password for my email address to log on as I usually have it linked to my phone

  7. Hello
    I just wish to say how sad it is that Kent IT are no longer interested in retired members of staff who actually used their kentforlife email and calendar facilities! For your interest just maybe there was a clue in the email title, which clearly says much more than you are now prepared to honour.
    There’s no need to reply as I’m sure you are still very busy dealing with staff and student queries. Nothing changes!
    All the very best

  8. Hi Maureen,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    You need to login to the service using the Internet Explorer browser to see the cog icon. Please email with a screenshot if you are still having troubles.

    Kind wishes,

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