ScienceDirect Freedom Collection: you read, we buy!

The Library now offers students and staff free online access to the Freedom Collection, which has over 14,000 ebook titles over a range of subjects for STEM and social sciences disciplines.

You can use them for seminar preparation, essays or research; you can also make clips and create your own playlists.

You read, we buy

We will buy the titles that you use the most. They will then become part of the Library’s permanent collection of e-resources.

How to access and use

You can browse or search what’s available directly through Science Direct  as well as in LibrarySearch

Bookmark our A-Z of e-resources to return to the Freedom collection in future.

A new way of buying library resources

This is a new way of buying resources we’ve been trying out.

It puts you – our students and staff – in charge of selecting the resources we buy, based on your usage patterns.

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