Rutherford PC rooms have a new look!

Rutherford Study Hubs have had a makeover, and we think you’ll like it. The rooms are brighter and more attractive to work in.

Rutherford PC Room 1 is painted bright colours
Rutherford PC Room 1, with 19 PCs, looks much brighter, with bright colours on the walls and desk dividers.


Rutherford PC Room 2 has a wall painted pale blue
Rutherford PC room 2, with 21 PCs, is a calming and relaxing blue. The entrance door now has a small window and so the room feels less cut off.

What’s in the rooms

  • There are power sockets and USB ports on all desks so you can use your own laptop as an alternative to the Student PCs.
  • All-In-One PCs or small under desk PCs – this frees up desk space
  • New more comfortable chairs
  • The desks were in good order so they were re-used. We ‘up-cycled’ the original desk dividers to tie in with the new room colours.
  • The Print Copy Scan machine is in the corridor between the two rooms.

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