Removal of 2020/2021 academic module MS Teams

Illustration: PC screen with people attending Teams meeting

On 2 August 2021, the 2020/21 MS Teams sites associated with academic modules were removed. They cannot be kept because there would be duplication of Teams and module codes with the 2021/22 new academic year’s Teams.

The timing for the removal was agreed upon within the University and module convenors were advised of the removal date, their responsibility to save any content needed and were given an opportunity to request any modules that needed retaining.

Despite these actions, we recognise that the timing of the Teams removals may not have been the most suitable to all and could have been communicated to students more extensively. Timings for Teams removals will be reviewed for the next academic year.

Please contact your module convenor if have any questions over content that was available in your 2020/21 module Team/s.

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