REF submission books added to our library collections

Photo showing selection of book titles to demonstrate visual appeal of covers and range of subjects

Packed and ready to go

All the books and books chapters that the University has submitted to the REF have been purchased and processed as a big team effort between Information Services and Research and Innovation Services.
300+ books are labelled, boxed and ready for collection.Photo of boxes of the books that are being sent for review as part of our REF submission

Available in the library

Throughout this year they will be circulated among the REF reviewers before being returned to us. They are then ready to go straight onto the library shelves, be discovered in Library Search and be used by students and staff alike as a great contribution to research led teaching. We are compiling a Reading List so that the books that represent our REF submission can be identified as a whole.

Something to celebrate and value

It was a pleasure to work with this wonderful selection of books. As we worked¬† we reflected on the breadth, depth and diversity of the university’s research output that they demonstrated.¬† We all commented on their visual and tactile appeal that is hard to justify with a few photos.

Photo showing selection of books to demonstrate visual appeal of book covers and range of titles

We are planning displays in the library to highlight this impressive range of books that we should be proud of, as well as reminding us of the value of books as objects in their own right and the part they play in a University culture.

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