NEW! We do your KAR entries for you – REF Assisted Deposit

This service will provide support for Researchers uploading journal articles and conference proceedings into KAR for the next REF, available until January 2019 (excluding weekends and university closure days).

We have developed a simple online form you can complete to alert us of new publications. We will then upload these to KAR on your behalf, ensuring that the correct version is uploaded and that publisher copyright policies are followed.

Our Aim: By using the service you are…

  • Increasing your visibility and citations.
  • Saving time by only using the short form. We do the rest!
  • Confident that your publications meet compliance requirements.

Why should you do this?

In order to be compliant for the REF, HEFCE mandates that outputs published with an ISSN (journal articles and conference proceedings) have the full text freely available. Find out more

Since April 1st 2016 – The full text must be added within 3 months from the first date of publication

From April 1st 2018 – The full text must be added within 3 months of the date of acceptance

If you have published a paper as GOLD Open Access you can use the publishers Version of Record and have it available immediately

If you choose GREEN Open Access you can use your Author Accepted Manuscript (Article versions explained) and usually with an embargo period. This varies depending on the journal. If you use the service you don’t need to know this because we do!

Who can use the form?

The author can complete the form themselves OR a member of admin staff can use it on a researcher’s behalf.  You will need the Author Accepted Manuscript (post peer-review, but without any publisher formatting), the acceptance date and basic publication info such as article title and journal or proceeding name.

Contact us:

We are based in the library, feel free to ask us any questions at

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