Re-set Kent Wi-Fi before you return to campus

If you haven’t used campus Wi-Fi yet, you’ll need to re-run our campus Wi-Fi setup tool on your laptop, tablet or phone to re-connect to eduroam Wi-Fi.

Do this from home where you have an internet connection, so that you can easily access the setup tool on our website.

Who needs to do this

  • If you visit any of our campuses and centres and use our student and staff Wi-Fi service (eduroam), you need to do this – even if you’ve recently set up Wi-Fi, if it was before 3 September you will need to do it again.
  • KMMS students and staff: you only need to do this if you use a Kent username to log into eduroam. If you use your Canterbury Christ Church University details ( then you won’t be affected.

What you need to do

  • Download the setup tool from our Wi-Fi guide for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. This will remove the old eduroam Wi-Fi settings from your device and then set up eduroam again with new settings.
  • If you’re on campus you may be able to get internet access using the wired internet (in student accommodation or staff offices), or use mobile data. If you can’t access the setup tool on campus, please contact us.

We’re sorry for this inconvenience. An update of our security certificate has meant we’ve had to replace it and change the settings.

If you have problems after trying this, please contact IT & Library Support Desk.

Information Services
Tel: 01227 82 4999

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