Public sector Wi-Fi (govroam) on Canterbury campus

More about GovroamWe are proud to be one of the first UK universities to offer govroam (public sector Wi-Fi) on our Canterbury campus. Public sector workers who already use govroam Wi-Fi on their laptop or phone will be able to connect to it automatically when they visit Kent. This is in addition to the WiFi Guest service which any visitor can use.

The roll out is part of a mutual arrangement, which will eventually see eduroam available in many more public sector locations. Hospitals, libraries and other public buildings are already starting to offer eduroam alongside govroam.

Kent students and staff who visit participating sites will be able to use eduroam seamlessly, as if they were at Kent. Find out which venues offer eduroam.

Having govroam at Kent will benefit visiting health workers, police and ambulance crew and many other public sector professionals.

We will roll out govroam to our Medway and Tonbridge sites in the coming months.

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