Staff: make sure your devices are secure


If you use a phone, tablet or laptop to access University services, you need to make sure it’s password or passcode (PIN) protected following the advice below. This considerably reduces the risk to University data if your device gets lost or hacked:

  • iPhone or iPad: set a passcode if you haven’t already.
  • Mac: make sure Filevault is enabled.
  • Windows laptops/tablets: enable Bitlocker.
  • Android: set a lockscreen pin code, and enable Encryption in Settings, under Security and Location.

Find IT safety and security advice on our website, or from the provider of your mobile device’s operating system (eg, Microsoft for Windows, Apple for MacOS and iOS, Google for Android and Chrome).

On all your devices, you also need to check your check settings and make sure that you are getting automatic updates, and that your operating system is still supported.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. These steps will better protect your data and your work, and help protect the University of Kent network including the data it holds about students and staff.

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