Past exam papers now in Moodle

You can now find the past exam papers for your module in Moodle, alongside your other learning materials for that module. They are no longer available through the library website.

In Moodle, go to your module and find the link to Past exam papers in the left-hand menu:

Moodle holds the past papers for the past 3 academic years. If you have problems accessing the papers, please contact your academic school for help.

3 responses to “Past exam papers now in Moodle

  1. Hello, apologies for the delay in responding and I’m sorry to hear you can’t find your past exam papers. Your academic school should make past papers available in the relevant Moodle module and you should find them in the left-hand menu of the Moodle module as in the screenshot in this blog post. If that’s not the case, you need to contact your academic school and let them know.
    Best wishes, Angela

  2. I’m in the exact same situation… I can’t find them anywhere and it is an inappropriate time to contact my academic school

  3. This made my exams so difficult because the papers aren’t on moodle and neither on the library

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