New library resource: Oberon Books via Drama Online

Oberon Books is an dynamic e-book collection supporting teaching and research in the Arts and Humanities Division. Following our recent library trial, we received strong support to continue full access and feedback that Oberon Books will offer a diverse and inclusive range of resources for students as well as being invaluable to teaching .

We are pleased to share that we have purchased Oberon Books permanently for our digital library!

More about this resource

Oberon Books has long been recognised as one of the most exciting publishers specialising in drama and the performing arts, with a reputation for publishing challenging and compelling works.

From ground-breaking British plays to international drama and plays in translation, this is a unique and inspiring collection that features a diverse gathering of canonical and contemporary drama.

This collection has launched with 252 titles and will reach 500 titles by June 2021.

How to access this resource

Access the collections in LibrarySearch or directly via this link: Oberon Books collection via Drama Online

For any questions on using Oberon Books or our other e-book collections, please get in touch at:

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