Newspaper and Magazine Archive Available until June 2022

As part of a You Read, We Buy the Library has access to News, Policy and Politics Magazine Archive, Religious Magazine Archive, Women Magazine Archive and Leftist Historical Newspaper until June 2022. At the end of that period the Library will purchase the collections with the most usage.

News, Policy and Politics Magazine Archive

Providing access to Newsweek alongside 14 other major consumer magazine this archive provides a rich resource showing contemporary responses to key events, trends and preoccupation from the period 1918-2015. As well as American publications such as Newsweek and In These Times the collection also includes publications from Europe such as The UNESCO Courier Paris, New Internationalist and NATO Review Brussels.

Religious Magazine Archive

Providing access to 18 major religious magazine from 1845 to 2015 this archive provides insight into how religious movement engaged with their followers and wider society and how they responded to contemporary issues, trends and events. Covering a number of religions and denominations the archive provides for comparative studies as well as providing insight into the history of each religion and their relationship with the state.

This title complements some of the other resources we have for Religious Studies including Acta Sanctorum and Patrologia Latina Databases.

The publications in this collection span a wide range of religions and denominations, to maximize the opportunities for comparative study and research across disciplines as well as specific to theology.

Women’s Magazine Archive

Expanding our collection of Women Magazine Archives this adds 5 major UK and a Canadian lifestyle and fashion title to our existing archive. Topics covered include family life, home economics, health, careers, fashion, culture and more.

Leftist Historical Newspapers

Including titles such as The Daily Worker, International, The Internationalist and the New International this archive provides a rich source of Communist, Marxist and Socialist thought, theory and practice from 1845 to 2015. Issues covered include worker rights, organised labor, strikes, Nazi atrocities, McCarthyism, Civil Rights and modern day class struggles.

These archives will be of interest to students studying History, Politics, Religious Studies, Sociology, Social Policy, Criminology, American Studies and Anthropology.

All these titles are primary sources and offer a great opportunity  to experience history through the eyes of people who were there.

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