New Year, new study habits

Is your resolve faltering already? Maybe you’re concerned about meeting your goals for this term, or just need some advice about how to stay on track? Here’s how we can help you keep those New Year resolutions.

Be more organised and save time

Use our time management and focus tools to plan your study time and ensure you get the most out of each session. These are perfect if you find yourself getting distracted from your work, need help blocking out your environment or want to create an action plan for your next assignment.

Reference the right way

Make good use of reference management tools to keep your sources in one place for easy access as you’re studying. Then, when you write your assignment, the software will format your citations and bibliography to a chosen style! Read our advice and recommendations.

Digital retox

Maybe detoxing is more traditional at this time of year, but why would you want to go offline when you have so many digital resources at your fingertips! This could be the year that you get fully acquainted with the range of electronic resources that the library has to offer. Use LibrarySearch and the A-Z E-resources to get searching.

Health and wellbeing

Wellbeing tools are great for looking after your mental and physical health. They can encourage you to take regular breaks, use your downtime to fully relax and can even help you work on your sleep habits! Stepping away from your study at regular intervals is important to stay healthy and focused. Pick up a copy of Inquire and have a coffee break at the Library Cafe!

Stay motivated

Working with others can really help when trying to stay motivated. Why not form a study group with friends to keep yourself on track? It’s so much easier to bail out when you’re working alone, so commit to study sessions with others! You could even book a group study room in the library, decked out with presentation screens so you can share ideas and keep sessions engaging.

Discover something new (or very old!)

Get lost in our Special Collections and Archives. Visit the website to find out what collections we hold that may help you with your studies, pop into the reading room to speak to our team or come along to an exhibition. A good place to start is our online British Cartoon Archive.

Find a guardian angel

Now maybe this wasn’t on your list of resolutions, but it should be. Every subject at University of Kent is overseen by an Academic Liaison Librarian. Luckily for you, they’re on hand to help with all of your study worries, whether you need help finding your way around the library, or want some guidance on how to use some the tools we’ve mentioned. You can find the details for your guardian angel liaison librarian under ‘subject support‘ on our website.

Do you have any study-related resolutions we’ve not mentioned, and want to know how the library can support you in keeping them? Leave a comment below and we’ll do what we can to help!

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