New Resources – Routledge Handbook Collections for Foreign Languages and Literature

Routledge Handbooks Online: Foreign Languages and Literature book covers

The library has expanded its collection of Routledge Handbooks online, and added the following collections:

  • Foreign Languages 2021
  • Literature 2019
  • Literature 2020
  • Literature 2021

These collections will be of particular interest if you study Modern Languages, English Language and Linguistics, Comparative Literature, English or the Arts.

More about these resources

Foreign Languages

Routledge Language Family descriptions provide in-depth accounts of the members of some of the world’s most important language families. Written by experts in each language, these accessible accounts provide detailed linguistic analysis and description. The contents are carefully structured to cover the natural system of classification: phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis, semantics, dialectology, and sociolinguistics. The consistent format within each volume allows for comparative study, not only between the languages in each volume, but also across all the volumes in the series.


Routledge Literature handbooks aim to present new and exciting trends and topics – such as Literature and Human Rights or Environmental Humanities – or to bring a fresh approach to traditional topics – such as The Shakespearean World or Travel Writing.  They are all carefully curated with cutting edge research and provide an anchor to a field, offering background and history, alongside the newest approaches and debates.  This makes them ideal for people approaching an area for the first time, seeking a comprehensive and up-to-date overview as well as a springboard to further research and study.

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