New resource : Board Agenda

We now have access to Board Agenda, an online platform providing the latest governance news, analysis & insights.

Board Agenda provides expert insight and intelligence about the key issues shaping the responsibility and practices of corporate boards & the role of directors who serve on them, across the world.

All users will have access to the online Resource Centre, which is a comprehensive library of research and intelligence for board members. You will be able to download the latest reports and whitepapers from leading advisory firms, in Europe and across the world on emerging issues that are shaping board performance, such as board & director responsibilities,  compliance & regulation, executive pay, human capital management, investor relations, shareholder activism, corporate reporting, board selection, corporate culture, technology & digitalisation, reputation management, board diversity, mergers & acquisitions, outsourcing, climate change and sustainability

How to access this resource

access via the Digital Resources Directory

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