New design for IT and Library emails from 24 April

If you contact IT or Library for help from Wednesday 24 April, any email replies you get will look different.

The email addresses you currently use to contact us – such as – will stay the same.

What will be different from 24 April

Emails will have a blue banner at the top and bottom and show a white Kent logo in the top left.

Why the emails are changing

We’re implementing a new help system which will enable us to offer improved online self-help.

Please continue to contact us in your usual way, and we’ll do our best to help.

6 responses to “New design for IT and Library emails from 24 April

  1. Looking forward to adopting this system when it’s rolled out more widely to other technical teams across campus.

    1. Thank you Gary and Laura. We are very excited and looking forward to helping other schools and PSDs to start using the system for their own support in the future.

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