New exhibition: Prescriptions: artists’ books, 1 August – 17 November 2017

This, is my Crisis, by Elizabeth Fraser. Photo by Egidija Čiricaitė

This new exhibition in the Templeman Gallery, curated by Stella Bolaki, Egidija Čiricaitė and Elspeth Millar, depicts health issues through the medium of books.

Waiting rooms, pills, bandages, surgery, ageing, death, healing, joy, relaxation, consultation, distress and pain are ubiquitous experiences, shared around the world. This exhibition responds to such experiences through the intimate and complex medium of the artist’s book.

The artists’ books in this exhibition were first shown at Prescriptions, an exhibition at The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury between April and August 2016, curated by Dr Stella Bolaki and Egidija Čiricaitė. A selection of the books were deposited with the University of Kent’s Special Collections & Archives.

The books on display in Prescriptions: artists’ books demonstrate a wide range of materials and bookbinding techniques. Bringing together books on cancer, chronic illness, disability, mental health, surgery, medicine and wellbeing, this exhibition reveals the communicative power of book art and its therapeutic potential.

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Prescriptions: artists’ books is on display in the Templeman Gallery from 1 August – 17 November 2017.

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