New Sociology, Social Policy and Education eBook collections from ElgarOnline

The library has expanded its collection to include resources for Sociology, Social Policy and Education

The ElgarOnline collection offers a diverse range of advanced reference materials, including research handbooks, encyclopaedias, and commentaries, providing a solid foundation for your studies and research.

By accessing this collection, you will benefit from cutting-edge publications that are original, comparative, and international in scope. These resources are designed to inspire critical, innovative, and thought-provoking approaches to analyzing and understanding emerging trends and developments.

The collection features monographs, concise overviews, and state-of-the-art reference works, such as our esteemed Research Handbooks and Encyclopaedia. Whether you are studying Sociology, Social Policy, or Education, the extensive selection available through ElgarOnline ensures that it is both accessible and appealing to you.

Make the most of this invaluable resource to enhance your academic experience and stay at the forefront of your field.


How to access this resource:

Individual titles are included in LibrarySearch

Or you can browse the full collection at ElgarOnline


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