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An interdiscplinary resource covering history, law, politics, geography, economics, sociology and the arts. This resource will be of interest to anyone who is studying the movement of people, issues facing refugees, state policies in relations to control of its borders and in response to conflicts, human trafficking and border criminologies.

More about this resource

Borders and Migration Studies Online provides a rich resource consisting of both primary and secondary sources looking at both personal and institutional perspectives on border and migratuion issues.

With 154 videos and 10,891 documents and books Borders and Migration Studies provides insight into a diverse range of issues surrounding borders and migration. Themes include border disputes, human trafficking, maritime borders, migration and issues of border and identity. You can search via particular themes, areas and events, discplinary perspectives or keyword.

Examples of research include:

  • Compare events related to the walls in Berlin, Isreal/Palestine and U.S/Mexico
  • Explore the situations of refugees in Europe during WWII and compare to today’s responses
  • Explore how the issue of border control has influenced new membership of the European Union

As well as unique content Borders and Migration Studies also provides links to related websites including governmental documents and relevant organisational reports helping you to explore your topic further.

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