New academic staff – advice from the library

Before you arrive at Kent

Before you leave your previous institution we recommend that you:

Copy records

Copy records from any databases that depend on your institutional access, for example RefWorks.

How to copy your RefWorks records

Take a copy of your old Refworks account before your institutional IT account expires:

  1. Log into your RefWorks account and use the backup function (Tools menu > Backup & Restore > Backup).
  2. Save the .zip file, which is a copy of your account information
  3. When you have access to your new University of Kent RefWorks account you can use the restore function to upload the settings into Tools menu > Backup & Restore > Restore.

Use your personal email address

Make sure you have a personal, long-term email address associated with your online accounts, tools, profiles and alerts that you’ll need to use in future. For example, ORCiD, Mendeley, or Scopus. Although you will soon have your University of Kent email address it is good practice to use a personal email address to ensure continued access to online services
How to change your ORCiD account email address
How to edit your personal information in your Scopus profile

Export your research

Export your research works from your institutional repository:

  • Export the records as RIS or BibTex file and save
  • Select the ‘Full details’ option when exporting.
  • If you need help exporting your research the library team in your current university will be able to help you
  • When you arrive at Kent our library team will help you add them to the Kent Academic Repository.

When you arrive at Kent

When you arrive the Information Services Research Support team will:

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