Microsoft 365: login changes, webinars and thumbs up!

Teams webinars are coming soon!

Teams webinars will let you run interactive sessions with up to 1000 people from inside or outside the University.

You’ll be able to set the audience view so they can see both your slides and your face on the screen. The presenter will be able to see their notes and the full slide deck as if they were within Powerpoint. We’ll let you know as soon as webinars are available.

Login changes to email, Teams and more

You need to know that the way you access Microsoft 365 services is changing from 12 April (Easter vacation). To make them extra secure, we’re switching on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all staff accounts. More information will be shared soon about how MFA will be activated.

Teams Meetings: sharing recordings and captioning

From turning on live captions for your meetings to video recording and sharing, find out how to level up your Teams meetings, making them more inclusive and effective.

Show your support with an emoji

You can now using emoji to react to what someone’s saying or presenting during a Teams meeting. Find out how to give someone a thumbs up!

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