Login problems with some e-resources through LibrarySearch

If you are trying to access an article, e-book, or other e-resource through LibrarySearch and have problems logging in because you see a page like this:

  1. Find the link to Shibboleth login or Institutional login and click it.
  2. Select “University of Kent” from the list of institutions.
  3. You should then be taken to the normal Kent login page.
  4. In some cases you may need to run a new search within the e-resource for the item you want to access.

Alternatively: if you know which e-resource or database you need, find it on the A-Z of e-resources on the library website and then, within the resource, search for the item you want.

We sorry for the inconvenience: this is a temporary issue within LibrarySearch, which we’re working to fix.

9 responses to “Login problems with some e-resources through LibrarySearch

  1. I am havng similar problems that the library search does not come up with anything at all and just keeps asking form a key term to be entered… I’ve put in lots of different journal papers from a range of institutions and can get nothing.

    1. Dear Michelle,
      Thanks very much for your comments, I will note your feedback and send it to the relevant library team.

      If you can, please could you report any specific examples with as much detail as possible so we can respond and hopefully offer you useful advice to help you find what you need.

      I’m very sorry that the changes we’ve made to the system haven’t improved your experience. We are continuing to develop LibrarySearch as well as the associated guides and help text. As always we’re continuing to share updates and changes via the Library & IT News pages and through social media.

      Thanks again and best wishes,

  2. Thanks very much for your comments. We have added your feedback to that coming in through other channels and followed up with you individually.
    Comments are very welcome. If you encounter more complex issues with LibrarySearch we recommend you email helpdesk@kent.ac.uk with as much detail as possible so we can respond and advise. Thank you!

  3. I can’t access articles/books published by Taylor and Francis. I don’t get exactly the pages shown above, but when I follow the access link to an article I’ve found, I am left at the T&F home page from which none of the Log In options work.

  4. The same problem arises when following “full text” links from the Web of Science external database service. The same shibboleth solution method worked (more or less) but I could not access a paper from J Chem Phys at all – is this a bug, or have we discontinued our American Institute of Physics online subscription?

  5. I’ve been trying ‘library search’ on my campus computer yesterday and today and one of my PGs has too and after a split second the search clears to a blank screen so it is impossible to search for anything. I had no reply to my email about this yesterday from the Library.
    I would now like you to collect the journal Britannia as a hard copy for me please from the Store – the volume for 1982. User sw63 Dr Steven Willis. I can collect when you notify me it is available. My PG student is very frustrated at this problem and asked me for help too.

    1. I am having this exact same problem this afternoon, attempting to run a library search in the Ingram building. Any idea when this issue might be fixed please?

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