Enhancements to LibrarySearch

Following your feedback, we’ve made the following improvements to LibrarySearch.

1. Better, more relevant search results

We’ve improved the search, so exact matches for your search term appear higher in the results screen.

LibrarySearch still copes with common typos and variations between international and UK English.

2. iPad issue resolved

We’ve applied a fix to allow iPad users to scroll through search results in landscape mode.

3. Moving the “Cite This” button

We’ve moved the “Cite This” button from the search results page to the item details window. When you use this to export bibliographic references, please always check the result in your reference management service.

LibrarySearch surfaces information from many different databases that the library subscribes to. When you want to export a reference we recommend using the source database (for example EBSCO or JSTOR), rather than LibrarySearch, whenever you can.

4. Renaming the “Permalink” button

We’ve renamed the “Permalink” button “Copy Item Link” and moved it to the item details window.

Use “Copy Item Link” to get a bookmarkable link to the item in LibrarySearch.

5. New icons for different item types

New icons will appear on the search results screen to help you easily distinguish between different types of item – for example books, journals, theses, films, images, and other item types.

Images of book covers will still show where available.

6. “Find e-journals” link is more visible

We’ve made the link to “Find e-journals” more visible. Use this to search for journal titles, browse journals by subject or by title.

Find out more about “Find e-journals”

Other changes we’ve made

We’ll continue to keep you informed and to work closely with you to develop and improve LibrarySearch to meet your expectations and needs.

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