Laptop docking stations trial

Try the new tech and let us know what you think!

In the Templeman Library (Block C Floor 2) we’ve set up new laptop study spaces for you to try:

  • find 8 new study spaces with laptop ‘docking stations’
  • each have a 24-inch monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

The docking stations allow you to connect your own device using the USB-C cable provided.

The technology we’re trialling is brand new, so it doesn’t work with all devices yet. It will only work if your laptop has a USB-C port. Check this beforehand to make sure you’re not disappointed.

How to set up your chosen display

Docking your laptop will let you either use the monitor screen to mirror your laptop’s screen, or extend your work to have different windows open on the monitor.

Instructions on the Apple website and the Microsoft website explain how to set up the display options, so have a play around and find the set-up that works best for you!

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