Kent SSH remote access changes

If you use the Kent SSH Gateway, from 1 June you’ll need to use the Kent VPN before you can access the SSH Gateway service, known as “”.

You may have been enrolled in the SSH Gateway as part of using another service, such as the central HPC services, TESLA and ICARUS.

How to connect from Tuesday 1 June 2021

You will need to connect to the Kent VPN first, before you connect to the SSH Gateway. If you’ve not already setup VPN before, search “VPN” on the Kent website to get started. You can set this up now and start using it ahead of the change.

Why are we changing this?

To improve security we are reducing the visibility of our services on the public Internet.

In the coming weeks, we will also be upgrading the Kent VPN to better protect your data. This change will allow SSH Gateway to take advantage of that stronger security.

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