JustisOne replaces JustCite and Justis

JustisOne is a new legal database that combines Justis and case citator JustCite.

To use JustisOne log in with your Kent IT Account.

What it covers

JustisOne contains UK legislation from 1235 (as enacted) and case law dating back to 1163.  It covers cases from 25 common law jurisdictions Including New Zealand, Ireland and the Caribbean.

It has a powerful case citator which cross-references case law, and legislation, helping you to find leading authorities and link through to content on other platforms.

How to access JustisOne

Access JustisOne here, or find it on the A-Z of e-resources. JustisOne is not included in LibrarySearch.

Tips for using JustisOne

JusticeOne user guides and video tutorials

Want to suggest a Library resource?

If you want us to add a specific resource or have comments about any existing resources please email library-enquiry@kent.ac.uk.

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