Join the Templeman Library book club and expand your horizons!

We run regular book clubs both in the Templeman Library and online where we aim to open new literary worlds for you to discover, outside of your studies here at Kent.

We acknowledge history months and awareness days plus are open to themes suggested by you! We can often give you access to the books to enable you to explore exciting titles by a wide range of global authors.

So far this year, we have held book clubs that have covered topics around Black History Month, Disability History Month and LGBTQ+ History Month.

Look out on social media or here for the programme of Book Clubs running.

We often hold displays in the Templeman Library Café that you can browse through that support history months and other themes.

Get involved!

Is something missing? Suggest a theme for a book club, or ‘Recommend a Book’ that you want us to consider purchasing.

Share your views using the hashtag #unikentbookclub on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Some examples of the books we discuss at book club:

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